meet Lay'Na

Cosmic Sky 2020-2021 Triptych 9 x 5 Feet


“Ethereal, peaceful, calm, serene are the words most often spoken to describe my art. I gravitate toward soft colors and focus on blending to tell a story.  The feeling of quiet and void of chaos is my intention when I create each piece of art”

Lay’Na Anderson’s body of work encompasses the power of undefined lines and negative space, exploring the thought of color and texture whilst playing with the idea of bold and blended. An avid daydreamer, Lay’Na’s technique of layering and removing color while creating texture, tells a story that draws the viewer in. The final result is a visual record of blended combinations and contrast in depth, with an ethereal, dreamy feel throughout.

 “Growing up I was always in one art class or another. The lessons I learned allowed me to create a 15 year career as a Makeup Artist for film and television. I have canvas painted on and off for years and it was recently dropped in my spirit to continue my art journey. As a Makeup Artist I use my talent daily to tell the stories of others and now through my art I am telling the stories that resonate within me."