Are all works original pieces by Lay’Na? If I have a piece of artwork I like can you recreate/copy it?

All artwork is conceptualize and are creations of Lay’Na’s thoughts, ideas and inspirations. Lay’Na does not recreate other artist’s artwork.

Can my order be picked up or is delivery the only option?

If client lives anywhere in Atlanta and depending on size of artwork, your piece can be delivered to your home or business. Artwork can also be picked up at Lay’Na’s art studio.

Can my order be shipped?

Yes all orders can be shipped US & internationally via UPS/FEDEX/USPS/DHL depending on the best method. Collector also has the option to have artwork shipped on unwrapped canvas, container rolled. Once received collector would have rewrapped at a framing shop.


There are no returns on artwork. If you find a piece is not the correct size for the space intended, a credit for the amount will be issued. Artwork must be returned in pristine condition at collectors expense.